via Daily Prompt: Taper   Days gone, she still awaits his return A scintilla of hope, he was in her stygian world; like a taper “I wish you knew that only for you my fragile heart yearn” Paper souls; to a resonant ditty, we wished to caper Days gone, a forlorn pneuma, she still can’t…


via Daily Prompt: Volume   Staring at her jejune image on the mirror Hazel eyes, encapsulated in an ocean volume of dreams She was defeated, but yet a dreamer The mirror couldn’t reflect her inaudible sobs and screams Veiled, she was unsure whether she was a Saint or a Sinner.


Empyrean vast Stars bloomed during the nightfall I am lost in dreams   My Soul worships sins Imperfections, pure and chaste Like a mångata   *written in response to Ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-153-star & bloom . Mångata is a swedish word meaning the reflection of moon on water* .

Updates #2

Updates #2. Yes it’s a continuation of the first update post. Missed it? No problem, go ahead read that one first here What are you waiting for? Go ahead, read the last part of it primarily as this post shall focus on the same. Read? Alright, let’s roll. So in the first update post, I introduced…


“Its a win-win for both”   *written in response to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge. Prompt- Parley. And do not forget to participate in the voting for the best entry on Thursday.*


via Daily Prompt: Revelation    “So finally the day has arrived” “Royal or black?”, I catechized myself. She was more inclined to Black. I caught a glimpse of myself on the mirror. Black Tuxedo and trousers, ironed. And perfectly polished shoes.   An hour later, I entered the bistro. Not Lavish but folksy and vanilla….


via Daily Prompt: Triumph   War and Dominance  Battleground in the azure Triumph and Vanquishment   Sun, victor of day The never ending blitzkrieg Moon, victor of night   *syllable structure = 5-7-5*      


Well……. I don’t know how to start off with this but lemme give you a brief summary of what this post shall contain: a. Nomination for awards  b. A major surprise c. Another major surprise Coming along to the 1st part of this post. *Exaggerating drumrolls* So I was recently nominated for quite a few…


She sat there, every eventide when the empyrean was saffron, an amber tint; the xanthous color ebbing to the horizon as the night begged to resurrect. It wasn’t kalopsia, it was a cinematic array of events I dreamt for. Elysian Dreams. Ginger hair, bold and beautiful, she was the sandpaper to my tender soul, the antidote…


“Paradise was everywhere with you You are a Taurus, I’m a Sagittarius, will our love stay true? Interweaved souls, we would drown in clouds in the vast blue Remembering the day you departed, I still rue All I want is you”   *written in response to Every Moment- Photo Prompt hosted by Esther*


He wore a mask with a feigning smile, eccedentesiast, a kaleidoscopic visage. “Say cheese!”, memories flashed, a harsh reality, a bitter truth. A world falling apart like dominoes     *written in response to Three Line Tales, Week 71.*


Via Daily Post- Tender   A raging battle Love so tender, heart so tamed Caught in the crossfire   Defeated and gray The romantic still desires To write one more ode   In name of his love Love long lost yet he still craves Drowning in embers   *Syllable Structure = 5-7-5*