Curious to know who I am?

I am so not photogenic I know. Thanks for reminding.

Well. I am so horrible at this self introduction (mandatory). Never mind.

Let’s start with a Nursery type intro, shall we?

My name is Diganta Misra. I am currently pursuing my Undergraduate degree in EEE(Electrical & Electronics Engineering) at KIIT University, Odisha, India(Honestly, I dont know what I am doing with my life, Haha. Isn’t that common? I bet it is!) But here’s the twist, I am aspiring of landing myself a dream job in Google (Sounds like la Mission Impossible to me but okay)

To those who think my name is of some alien descent, well I’m sorry to say that my predecessors are very much Human. “Diganta” means “The point where direction ends” which indirectly translates into “Horizon” in the native language here. (I know , I know , parents here experiment the naming process, sometimes even cook up a nuclear bomb recipe name)

Hard time spelling it? Let me help you ,it goes something like this: Dee/gaa/an/taa. I bet that took an eternity for you to spell it right.

So Diganta, what are your hobbies and what all do you like? 

Well, you might want to take a seat cause its a long long (WAY TOO LONG!) list.

  • I love painting. Madhubani and Abstract mostly. Here are some of my artworks :

I am a cyclist and a pianist. I have completed a 4 year course on western stave music. During my leisure time , I love reading books and blogs (Isn’t that too obvious?) Well, here are few of my favorite authors:

a. Khaled Hosseni ( “The kite runner” was my best read)

b. Lee Child (“One Shot” and “The affair”)

c. Tom Rob Smith

d. Agatha Christie

e. Dan Brown

f. Tami Hoag

g. Lars Kepler  and many more (Yes , you heard it right I’m not a Potterhead)

  • I indulge myself in the world of music often , however I am not the dernier cri person who’s inclined into EDM. My favorite genre include : Indie, Ambience, Alternative, Rock, Nu,etc. Some of my favourite artists you ask? Here you go- Gorrilaz, Blackbear, Kygo(an exception), cigarettes after sex, kisnou , etc
  • I am not a party person nor a wanderer, I love spending time alone in my room watching some tv series which include : Blacklist, Daredevil and True Detective (Yes I am not a GOT person, neither do I want to watch 13 Reasons why) or playing games like: Fifa, CS GO(I am not global elite), MOH, Battlefield.
  • I absolutely love tech stuffs. So if you’re a nerd then you surely added up in my “Favourite people to talk to” list(Honestly such a list never exist)
  • I am not a social media frenzy person. Yes, you heard it, I dont use Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram. Yes, I’m very much alive. Thank You
  • I love soccer. Playing and watching matches. My favourite team: Real Madrid (Hala Madrid!)
  • I love the exclamation mark (!) cause why not.
  • I am not a vegan . Repeat, I am not a vegan.
  • I work as a team member in AIESEC International.

So Diganta, Why did you start a blog?

Well, to be honest I don’t know what drove me here to start a blog.

I just tried to be like em cool kids you know. But frankly my decision to start a blogging `page was instigated by my urge to find like minded people who share same ideas and perspectives ( I know I sound like a retro villain who’s starting a legion) and to get my voice heard to a larger audience.

So yes folks, that shall be all. I hope that gave you a better insight of who I am. I would love to hear out your story. And as always thank you for checking my page out. Cheers!