via Daily Prompt: Revelation 


“So finally the day has arrived”

“Royal or black?”, I catechized myself.

She was more inclined to Black. I caught a glimpse of myself on the mirror.

Black Tuxedo and trousers, ironed. And perfectly polished shoes.


An hour later, I entered the bistro. Not Lavish but folksy and vanilla. A smooth canorous music played in the background. There she was, in the corner staring at the world outside the lunette. She was very advertent. She was wearing a cobalt dirndl skirt along with a alluring polka dot embedded black blouse.


“Hey”, she noticed my advent as I settled on the opposite seat to her

“Lovely day isn’t it”

“Yes, it is. So why have you called me here?”

“Well we have been friends since long haven’t we?”

“Yes, indeed we have”

She paused as my heart skipped a beat anticipating the upcoming statement.

“And my wedding ceremony wouldn’t be complete without you attending it”

“What! You are marrying? Whom? When did this all happen?”

“John, calm down. Gosh. I’m sorry I hadn’t told you about all this before. And you deserve to know all. But I just kept you in the dark for reasons I don’t know myself. I and Neville have been dating since months. I’m really sorry to have not told you about it.”

“Neville. Right. So you happy about him with you?”

“Ofcourse, yes, I am”

“Right. Okay. I’m really happy for you. He’s a good chap”

“Yes, he is. Nobody has loved me like him”

“You deserve the best”



Minutes later, she left an invitation letter which said “Neville weds Julia” rather than “John weds Julia“. As she faded to the outside world, the platinum ring fell down from my hand. The sound of the thud still echoing in my mind while I fathomed this shocking revelation. 



*My first try at a dialogue framework story. I hope ya’ll like it.*

sometimes-stellar-storyteller-six-word-story-challenge-winner (1) pow-2017-lg


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  1. And I must say your first attempt was definitely great.
    Though assuring the story of your life will have a beautiful revelation. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. I assure you the same! 🙂

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      1. And assured I am. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s amazing. First attempt? It’s just wow. I should look up some new words for complimenting you. Painfully amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Its really amazing👌👌

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  4. It is beautiful Diganta,great work!

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