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The avenues were all impeded by the prolong graupel. The Smith family were returning from a brief assemblage with their legal advisors and counsellors. They have finally arrived at the imminent accord.

“Mommy, look snowflakes!”, stated a rhapsodic and ebullient lassie lotus in the rear seat of the Toyota as the tootles of the traffic often disrupted the phlegmatic silence while the driver, an Argus-eyed deipnosophist, ferreted for a route to escape from the shackles of this road jam, howbeit failing to find one. Beside him, his wife, quiescent was in a dwaal.

Julia, the young colleen had noticed since a few weeks, her mother and father seldom had any colloquy. According to her, her mother and father were the best of friends and she knew even best friends fight so she just let them be, believing everything ends up fine with time.

Her avowal of the alluring snowflakes was ignored and disdained by her mother and her consort as Julia’s winsomeness smile faded away. The rest of the journey to home was muted and reticent as Julia let out a silent prayer for the “fight” between her mother and father to end.


She woke up the next foreday to perceive a barren room. Perplexed, she rushed to the parlor, only to be greeted by her mother, dressed up in a natty blue blazer holding a valise, as teardrops trickled down from her eyes.

“Mommy why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

“Hey baby. You’re awake. I am crying? No, I’m not honey. Listen love, mommy is gonna be away for a while okay? So you be a strong girl, daddy will be here with you. Mommy loves you the most”, she wiped her tears and hugged Julia tight caressing her raven hair as she landed a soft kiss on her cheeks and bid goodbye.

Before Julia could even fathom the situation, her mother boarded the sedan waiting outside.

“Daddy where is mommy going? I want to be with her. Can’t we all go together to where she is going? Daddy! Why are you quiet?”,she asked sobbing, her palm against the window glass as the sedan slowly faded from sight as it transformed into a stark silhouette against the saffron empyrean. Her father silently turned from the lunette and walked down towards his room while a paper lied on the table titled “Divorce Agreement Letter”.


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  1. You’ve been captivating your readers since the beginning. Commenting on your posts becomes hard when all I can do is read silently and breathe in every word, every feeling.
    This was beautifully written. 🙂

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    1. So have you. I’m so humbled being extolled a writer of your caliber. Thank you so much again 🙂

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  2. This was painful…… Poor girl

    Liked by 1 person

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