Laurel and Tears


“As I waited with garlands

You were swathed with the pennon

In your memory, framed on the wall”



*Written in response to Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the topic of frame.*


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  1. Bismita Guha says:

    So touchy. Really made me realise the absence of someone close. The picture could have different though. Just a suggestion.

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    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will surely see if I can find a better and more relevant picture But I put that picture in the imagery of a bride waiting for her husband to return from the battlefield


      1. Bismita Guha says:

        The slight smile drew my attention. A writer is always right, because he is the victim of his thoughts. So in a tone, the image went with what you wrote.

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      2. Yes that also caught my eye, I but it up as a proud wife whose husband laid down his life for the country. Indeed I agree with you

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  2. That is so deep and soul stirring! It’s so difficult to let the loved one leave and wait for return!

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    1. Thank You so much! Indeed it is.


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