Wrinkled Fate

“We run on batteries, fueled by hope and fake dreams. We are camouflaged by nightmares disguised as daydreams. We are blinded by love and trust. We are captivated by the blinding light. Darkness is our nirvana. We are trapped in colors, while black and white is our salvation. We run through the lines on our palms like road-maps. We bleed faith , we pray false idols , we wear dresses made of skin draped in tears of species unknown. We leave our past in the driving seat while we race past our present towards the ominous future. Is it too late to ask for help, when our fate is already scribbled on the walls?”


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  1. You paint a picture with words that the heart can hear like a ballad.

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    1. This was so kind of you. I have never had been admired like this before. Thank you so much. This surely motivates me to write more. thanks a lot again

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  2. It was totally relatable. Amazingly expressed😍😍

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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