Souls and Sleeves

“We can”

We can drown together to the bottom. Hands in hands to the black. We can be naked,stripped off from our hopes and desires. We can touch each other’s soul. We can blink, shed tears and look at the horizon where the light goes down.

We can drown in the clouds , we can breathe in the poison , we can jump down from the cliff. Our eyes are like the ocean of secrets waiting to be unraveled . We can sit on the rooftop , gazing at the stars and moons. We can run through the corn fields. We can dance to the tunes of Indie songs without being worried of what’s coming tomorrow. You can play the old rusty piano while I write a poem on how beautiful you are.

We can stand against the window, your cascade of brown hair falling down majestically while the slow breeze brushes past my pale wrinkled skin. We can watch the darkness escape. We can sing lullabies which made the ghosts disappear at night when we were young. We can look at our reflection on still water, as pure and chaste as our sins.

Only if we could.


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  1. I love your writing! Its unique and it makes me think of the many things that I can relate this to with my imagination. This reminds me of friendships, relationships and other things I can imagine in my life with your use of words.

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    1. Thank you so much again . I guess I accomplish my target of leaving people contemplating with my writing . Thanks again for appreciating šŸ™‚

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